The Dragon's Teeth

5. Caravan Raid/The Proposal
A proposal is made to overthrow the hesitant leader of the Dragon's Teeth
4. Preparations/Betrayal
The heroes harvest poisons for the imminent siege, and Deminos betrays the tribe
3. The Merchant
The heroes search for a merchant's missing caravan
2. A Plot Revealed / Telemachus' Story
A dark plot is uncovered, and Telemachus' past is played out
The Gith Cave
  • After last session’s battle against the gith, the PCs search the cave and find what appears to be a psionic power stone and, much to Telemachus’ surprise, his family’s seal. As he gazes at the seal, the mists of time transport us to an event that happened several weeks ago…
The Cerebran, several weeks ago
  • Telemachus must face the Three Tests that will allow him to graduate from the psionics academy, or die in the attempt. The first is the Test of Insight. His colleagues Ichi and Klik, two thri-kreen students; and Thybault and Pang Song Tong, both elves, are called in. Telemachus must find which of them stole a pomegranate from the academy’s sole tree. After interrogating them, he accuses Pang Song Tong, but his instincts are false – it was Ichi. Pang Song Tong is mercilessly slain by Master Paraskevas, and the Tests continue.
  • Telemachus gains the quirk Dislikes Pomegranates [-1].
Meanwhile, back at the gith cave
  • After setting up camp at the cave, the heroes are attacked in the night by more gith. The heroes manage to capture one alive. Telemachus interrogates it psionically, and finds out that the gith are being coerced into attacking the Citadel of the Dragon’s Teeth by Balican templars. The templars communicate telepathically with the gith to give them orders.
  • Just before the gith is about to reveal more, Deminos fries it with a Fireball spell. The other party members, in particular Ezra, are outraged and demand answers. Deminos has no choice but to reveal his past connection with the templarate of Balic and his mission to spy on the Citadel of the Dragon’s Teeth. Although the heroes are highly suspicious, Telemachus assures them that Deminos is no longer a templar.
  • The next day, the heroes travel back to the Citadel of the Dragon’s Teeth to report their findings to Xaynon. Xaynon hears their report with considerable concern. Deminos reveals that his former master was a templar called Aphra, whom Xaynon appears to know. He also says that there is another templar spy among the ex-slaves.
The Cerebran
  • Next, the Test of Cunning. Telemachus and his classmates, Ichi, Klik, Thybault and Long Song Tong (Pang Song Tong’s brother) must navigate an astral maze filled with puzzles, created in their minds by Paraskevas. Each classmate has a psionic ability that will help to escape the labyrinth. They successfully find their way out and are transported back to the training room at the Cerebran.
  • The last Test is the Test of Obedience. Paraskevas orders Telemachus to run himself through with a knife. Telemachus does so without hesitation and slumps to the floor. Again, instead of being dead, he finds himself back in the training room – it was also an illusion.
  • For his failure to complete the Test of Insight, Telemachus is told that he will be executed the following day – an example to other aspiring students. It is at that point that he decides the academy has outlived its usefulness, and he leaves in the night.
  • So, what will happen next? Will the heroes part ways? Is the Citadel truly doomed? Will the second spy be revealed? Find out next time…
1. Night Raid
Our heroes 'gith' chase to pesky desert raiders
  • The Citadel of the Dragon’s Teeth is attacked in the middle of the night. The heroes help to fight off the gith horde that surrounds the slave tribe’s fortress.
  • Once the gith are dead, the heroes offer to track them back to their base. Xaynon, the tribe’s leader agrees.
  • Thanks to halfling Ezra’s incredible tracking skills, the group easily traces the gith back to their lair.
  • Outside the giths’ cave, the wizard Deminos casts a spell of light, leeching the bare ground of its life-bearing gift. Pious the thri-kreen cleric is none too pleased.
  • Through clever application of guile and Gul, the heroes defeat the foul creatures in their lair, including the gith leader and his skulking psion warmind.
  • What will the heroes find in the giths’ lair? And why did they attack the Citadel? All will be revealed next time…

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