The Dragon's Teeth

1. Night Raid

Our heroes 'gith' chase to pesky desert raiders

  • The Citadel of the Dragon’s Teeth is attacked in the middle of the night. The heroes help to fight off the gith horde that surrounds the slave tribe’s fortress.
  • Once the gith are dead, the heroes offer to track them back to their base. Xaynon, the tribe’s leader agrees.
  • Thanks to halfling Ezra’s incredible tracking skills, the group easily traces the gith back to their lair.
  • Outside the giths’ cave, the wizard Deminos casts a spell of light, leeching the bare ground of its life-bearing gift. Pious the thri-kreen cleric is none too pleased.
  • Through clever application of guile and Gul, the heroes defeat the foul creatures in their lair, including the gith leader and his skulking psion warmind.
  • What will the heroes find in the giths’ lair? And why did they attack the Citadel? All will be revealed next time…



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