Citadel of the Dragon's Teeth

This imposing tower nestles in the Serpent Mountains, around 50 miles west of the city-state of Balic. The citadel is situated such that it is hidden from the view of travellers who use the Road of Legions below, and hence few are even aware that it exists.

The citadel is currently home to the slave tribe known as the Dragon’s Teeth. Its elected chief, the human Xaynon, leads the 200 or so members wisely, making sure that it limits raiding activity in order to avoid the raising the suspicions of the praetors (templars of Balic). Some members believe that the tribe should take a more aggressive stance, but as yet, Xaynon retains the favour of his people.

As well as housing the Dragon’s Teeth tribe, the citadel is home to a group of lizard-like humanoids called the Ja’har. They are rarely seen by tribe members, as the creatures tend to keep to the lower levels, and when they do meet they seem oblivious to the tribe members’ presence. It is rumoured that the serpents are powerful users of the Way, and this prevents slave tribe members from harming them. Attempts to contact them psionically have met with impenetrable mind shields.

Other Notes

  • The heroes helped to save the Citadel from an attack by a horde of gith in game session #1: Night Raid.

Citadel of the Dragon's Teeth

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